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About Healthy Gourmet Singapore!

Healthy gourmet helps food lovers discover the world of specialty products that exists beyond common availability.

We cater to consumers, who want assurance that their food is not only exceptionally delicious; but also made with high quality ingredients.

We’ve filtered what is out there and only bring you the ones we love. For us, it’s about respecting the environment and our body through our food choices. Our products are produced by people who are share the same belief through their sustainable farming practices. You can trust that all our products are all-natural and contaminant -free without harmful chemicals and additives.

With only our consumers in mind, our goal is to help you discover and get the best and most interesting finds at an affordable price.

Remember, only good comes out of good.

Happy shopping!

For any additional information, you can send us an email at or call us at 1800-454-5457.

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