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Healthy Gourmet Singapore

We’ve filtered what is out there and only bring you the ones we love. For us, it’s about respecting the environment and our body through our food choices. Our products are produced by people who are share the same belief through their sustainable farming practices. You can trust that all our products are all-natural and contaminant-free without harmful chemicals and additives. With only our consumers in mind, our goal is to help you discover and get the best and most interesting finds at an affordable price.

Brands We Carry

Bringing you a fine selection of the world’s gastronomic delights from brands such as Alce Nero, Belvoir Fruit Farms, NOMU and Ortalli, Healthy Gourmet is committed to providing you with food that is delectable, healthy and of the best quality.

Alce Nero (Italy)

Alce Nero is the leading organic food company in Italy, for more than 30 years, it has been synonymous of good, safe, fair and sustainable produce. On top of its constantly growing range of organic Italian food, Alce Nero now includes an array of Fairtrade products from all over the world. As its producers are involved in all stages of manufacture, they can enforce and maintain integrity of their products and guarantee high quality, 100% organic, authentically Italian products.

Belvoir Fruit Farms (United Kingdom)

Belvoir fruit farms makes the most delicious and natural range of drinks. All made from real fresh fruits, freshly-picked elderflowers and real spices pressed, mixed and bottled at their own dedicated plant at Belvoir in sunny Leicestershire. Making beverages that are so delicious with no preservatives, no nasty colours and no artificial flavours, it is not a surprise that they have won many Great Taste Award over the years. *The Great Taste Awards are the Oscars of the UK food world and have been described as “the epicurean equivalent of the Booker Prize”. There are over 400 hundred judges, with teams of four or five carrying out blind-tastings.

Ortalli (Italy)

Skillfully crafted using selected grapes grown in the vineyards of Italy, Ortalli balsamic vinegars, sweet vinegars, and glazes have a thick, dense consistency and complex yet balanced flavors. Remarkably versatile, each of Ortalli’s signature products can enhance almost any dish or dessert prepared in the cucina of the finest restaurant or your own home. Ortalli products bear the Protected Geographical Indication seal, which certifies that its vinegars meet the standards for being called Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, one of the highest quality balsamic vinegars in the world.

Val de Rance (France)

For 60 years, Les Celliers Associés have developed a real expertise in cider. This traditional and historical expertise, combined with modern production methods, allows them to offer authentic cider with special identity. Each Val de Rance cider has a special typicity. Operating under the supervision of Bureau Veritas Certification, their cider fabrication is certified under Protected Geographical Indication (produces based on 100% of Britain apples and bottled in Britanny) and control the organic orchards.

Posillipo (Italy)

Posillipo use only the finest ingredients that are carefully selected, their product has strong flavour but harmonious, ready to be tasted, on pasta and even on bruschetta or crostini. They provide sauces used in many traditional Italian recipes.

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